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Established in 2014 in Singapore, we are on track to becoming one of Asia’s most prominent media companies. As a creative house, we are in the business of bringing great ideas to life. Our skilled team of professionals are committed to helping our clients be seen and heard in the vast world of business.

Walk the journey with us as we take on the vibrant Asian market, the next big thing in business, and the rest of the world.



Backed by more than 20 years of combined experience as a premier insider of Europe’s manufacturing industry, we have shifted our sights to the burgeoning markets of Asia, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Directors of Industry is not your typical business magazine. We offer a unique perspective on industry by featuring not only the stories of the most successful companies in Asia, the Middle-East and beyond, but also the people behind them. We will highlight some of the biggest industry news giving our readers a sneak peek at the rapidly evolving world of business.

Aside from covering the ins and outs of industry, we will also feature a lifestyle section that will cover various aspects of good living—from the best holiday spots to the latest gadgets. At Directors of Industry, we are not just a business publication; we are your definitive guide to business life.


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“A business magazine with a personality.”

Directors of Industry is a magazine produced by Singapore-based publication house West East Media that aims to provide fresh industry insights with a global outlook. With more than 20 years of combined experience in trade publications in Europe’s manufacturing industry, as well as consumer titles, our team of skilled professionals are more than just reporters—they are authorities in the field.

It has shifted its sights to Asia, the Middle-East and other burgeoning economies in the world that are also home to some of the most successful companies in manufacturing and beyond. Covering the success stories of these businesses, chronicling their journeys and unveiling their plans for the future.

What separates Directors of Industry from other magazines, however, is its emphasis on the people behind these successful businesses—the Directors. As a business publication, it will feature the stories of the people who paved the way for the success of their companies and how they are as individuals, take readers inside the lives of the Directors and revealing a side of them that not many people in the industry know about—from their daily work routine to their unique management principles.

As a step away from traditional business magazines, Directors of Industry will also feature a lifestyle section called Club Lounge. Here, readers can read about things like the latest luxury holidays, what’s new in the world of cars and which golf courses to add to their list.

“Business is changing rapidly but we will make it easy for our readers to keep up. With our carefully researched features and unbiased analysis, we are on track to becoming a one-stop source for the freshest and most relevant content not only in industry but in other areas of business life too,” Publisher Stuart Shaw told us.

Visit us at www.directorsoi.com to know more.



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